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Fried Ricotta or Ricotta Fritta

Fried Ricotta is one of those things that you never want to stop eating.  It is so simple to do, yet so deliciously satisfying. It makes a great appetizer or cheese course.  As always, quality ingredients are a must!  Enjoy! Yield: Varies Author: Mary Palumbo Print With Image Without Image Fried Ricotta or Ricotta Fritta prep time: 10 M cook time: total time: 10 M Delicious Ricotta in a light batter. Be sure to buy high quality Italian Ricotta ingredients: Ricotta (best quality ) Drained if wet  Eggs Q B All Purpose Flour Q B Salt Q B Vegetable or olive oil for frying  instructions: How to cook Fried Ricotta or Ricotta Fritta Place  some flour on a large plate.  Crack eggs into a bowl, and beat thoroughly . Using a large spoon, scoop a la mound  of ricotta into your hand and gently press together and flatten a bit  so that it holds its shape. Repeat until you have as many mounds of ricotta that you wish to make.  Heat oil in a large s
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Summer Table

A beautiful Table makes any meal more enjoyable.  Alfresco dining  happens almost any time of year here in Southern California, and is my most favorite way to entertain.  I always set a table, even on a weeknight, even if it's just two of us. I use what I have in different ways.  Pairing something rustic, with something a little fancy, but never stuffy, or too contrived. I don't believe in saving "the good things" for special occasions. It really only takes a few thing to make a table look special.  Some fresh flowers, a pretty cloth, runner, or scarf...some pretty dishes combined in unexpected ways, and pretty glassware. I like making things pretty, whether it's a table, my food, or my home...Live beautifully.