My Easter Eggs

April 09, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed coloring my Easter Eggs this year.  I like using brown eggs to get darker hues while simply using the old school egg dyes.  Mixing colors along with using the brown eggs gave me hues that were different than the usual, although beautiful, pastels so typical of Easter time.

For the decorations I went out to my garden and snipped a few leaves from my herbs and flowers. Using a gold acrylic paint , I brushed the egg and then placed the leaves on the egg and painted over them. It is a quick and easy process.  Ive done these for a few years because I love how they look.  I also used them on my Italian Easter Bread.

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In addition to food and everything to do with cooking, I love decorating and gardening. I look for inspiration around me and to be inspired by something beautiful and make it my own makes me happy.