A Beautiful Boule

April 16, 2019

It’s hard to beat the aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven. I don’t care that it’s 90° outside I’m still going to turn my oven on and bake some bread, and I do several times a week. I love how so few ingredients can come together to make something so delicious. Flour, Yeast, sugar, salt, and water, A little time, and some love is all it takes. The good thing is that my garage is so hot in this weather that it becomes my proofing room.. 
I made this particular loaf using one of the many recipe for rustic breads that can be found on the internet.
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In addition to food and everything to do with cooking, I love decorating and gardening. I look for inspiration around me and to be inspired by something beautiful and make it my own makes me happy.


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