Dinner Table For Six

April 16, 2019

Dinner Table For Six...As is my usual method around here, when it comes to a dinner party or just a simple dinner for a few friends, I enjoy using what I have. Mixing and matching things that I own, maybe adding a new piece here and there but always changing it up and making things look a little different each time. 

Using things in ways different than what they might be intended for... lace curtains from Italy as a table runner, or a decorative brandy snifter as a water glass anything different. 

Of course fresh flowers are always in order. I especially like simple, uncontrived arrangements. I often use decanters as vases, running down the length of the table, or a single arrangement if I’m setting a round table. Always keeping the season in mind and adding seasonal touches....

In addition to food and everything to do with cooking, I love decorating and gardening. I look for inspiration around me and to be inspired by something beautiful and make it my own makes me happy.


  1. Ha ha I was asking myself who commented:)

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